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Discussion - c2 - abstract ideas like the discussion of the...

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Discussion #2 Read this entire document before you begin. Objective: To interact with your classmates in a discussion about art and religion. Technical How-to? Eventually you will cut from an MS word document and paste an essay into the Discussion #2 topic folder. Use the titles of your chosen works and page #s in the subject line when posting it in the Discussion #2 folder. Complete the assignment, both parts, before the unit ends, therefore, it is highly suggested you post Part 1 in the week it is assigned. Part 1: Essay 1. Pick TWO of the religions listed below. 2. Discuss how art was used to communicate their basic teachings. 3. Use an image/example of each religion from your textbook to support your argument. 4. Cite the symbols and subjects in the artwork. For example, images of the cross in Christian art symbolize the idea that Christ suffered and died for human sin. Think not only in terms of realistic images but also
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Unformatted text preview: abstract ideas like the discussion of the circle in the "Welcome-What is Art" found in the Start Here materials in Course Content. Again, refer to two specific works of art and include the titles and page numbers in your textbook. a. Roman Mythology b. Christianity c. Judaism d. Islam e. Hinduism f. Buddhism g. Daoism h. Confucianism i. Shintoism Part 2: Reserve and Respond Reserve a peer's essay by opening their message in the Discussion #2 folder. • Click "Reply" to the message. Then. .. • Change the subject line to the word "Reserve" and reply with a reserve in the message body, so you may return to it later. • (To determine if a message is reserved, look for how many times a message has been opened. If a message shows "2" have read it, it has most likely been reserved already. Respond • Ask your peer (the expert!) a question that you would like clarified....
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Discussion - c2 - abstract ideas like the discussion of the...

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