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O bjectives After you read this chapter, you will be able to: 1. Understand computer components and computer types (page 3) . 2. Acquire a computer (page 6) . 3. Evaluate security software (page 8) . 4. Understand home networking (page 11) . 5. Access the Internet (page 14) . 6. Understand bits and bytes (page 16) . 7. Identify character coding (page 16) . 8. Identify input devices (page 17) . 9. Identify output devices (page 20) . 10. Identify storage devices (page 23) . 11. Customize Windows Vista and Windows XP (page 26) . 12. Manage folders and files (page 33) . 13. Identify types of productivity software (page 38) . 14. Acquire software (page 41) . Computing Concepts 1 Exp_Com_Concepts.qxd 7/3/07 12:35 PM Page 1
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2 CHAPTER 1 | Computing Concepts CASE STUDY Peaches ’n Cream Orchard Ann Clemmons’s grandfather began a local fruit orchard 50 years ago in his small hometown. At one time he sold fruit only from a roadside stand, but now the business has grown into a profitable fruit farm that sells many types of fruit. The family-owned farm not only grows fruit, but sells it in an adjoining store, along with fruit preserves, baked goods, and small gift items. After her grandfa- ther’s retirement, Ann took over the business. She has some very specific ideas about developing a more efficient manner of processing sales and maintain- ing store records. She is especially concerned with the recording of sales and inventory, a task that is currently completed on paper in such a way that she is never absolutely certain of what items are in the shop and how much fruit has moved through the store. She also wants ready access to the Internet, so that she can research suppliers and pur- chase nursery products. Because the orchard is located on the edge of a fast- growing community of young families, sales have really picked up. The increase in sales is also attributed to Ann’s emphasis on marketing and her insis- tence on quality fruit production. Ann is now faced with a dilemma. Not only is she completely convinced that the orchard must be computerized, but she is dealing with employees who are not technology-savvy. Although she could replace some of the employees with younger, more technologically-adept hires, Ann is committed to working with the people that her grandfather relied on and trusted. Ann knows that although she can afford to purchase a top-flight, networked com- puter system, such a system will be of little use if her employees reject it. She wisely decides to educate her staff, beginning with the store employees, on the benefits of computerizing the orchard records. Your Assignment Read the chapter, taking note of computer components, networking fundamen- tals, and software applications. Consider how Ann could use a computer system to automate her inventory and sales records, as well as how to access the Internet.
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