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All key terms appearing in this book (in bold italic) are listed alphabetically in this Glossary for easy reference. If you want to learn more about a feature or concept, use the Index to find the term’s other significant occurrences. 802.11 standard A method of communication used on wire- less networks. Antispyware software Software that removes spyware from a computer. Antivirus software Software that identifies and isolates (or deletes) computer viruses. ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Inter- change) A code for representing keyboard characters as numbers. Backup A copy of a file. Binary The native format understood by computers, in which only two digits are used—zero and one. Bit A binary digit, either a one or a zero, that represents the on or off state of a computer circuit. Bluetooth A technology that facilitates low-bandwidth wire- less communication over short distances. Broadband A high-speed Internet connection. Options include DSL, cable, and satellite. Byte Comprised of eight bits, a byte represents a character on the keyboard. Cable A broadband Internet connection option that uses television cable to provide Internet access. CD drive Reads from and writes to CDs (unless it is a CD- ROM disc, in which case it cannot be written to, only read from). Commercial software Software that is sold and is protected by U.S. Copyright Law. Cookies
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