Javelinas northamericanfauna northamericanfauna

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Unformatted text preview: dae Camelidae Deer Camels Tayassuidae Peccaries Javelinas North American Fauna North American Fauna Perissodactyla Equidae Tapiridae Tapirs Lagomorpha Horses Leporidae “Rabbits” Insectivora Soricidae “Shrews” South American Fauna South American Fauna Metatheres “Marsupials” Eutherian herbivores Evolved in Isolation for 35 million years Mostly Autochthonous & endemic species Some “Waif immigrants” South American Fauna South American Fauna To North America Notoungulates Litopterns Xenarthrans Rodents Didelphids South American Fauna South American Fauna Notoungulata Toxodontidae Rhino­like, Stubby legs Litopterns Macraucheniidae Camel­like, Heavy legs, Proboscis Proterotheriidae Thoatherium Feet more specialized than Equus South American...
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