Project-1 - P roject - 1 C S E 421/521 O perating Systems D...

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Page: 1/3 Project - 1 CSE 421/521 – Operating Systems Due: October 24 @11:59pm, 2011 1. Preparation Before beginning your work, please read the following carefully: Chapters 4-6 from Silberschatz Lecture slides on Threads, CPU Scheduling and Synchronization Recitation notes on Process & Thread Implementation in Unix Environment RFC1945 ( ) 2. Programming Task: Implement a Multi-threaded Web Server The objective of this project is to implement a multithreaded web server “ myhttpd ” in C/C++ on a UNIX-based platform. SYNOPSIS: myhttpd [ d ] [ h ] [ l file ] [ p port ] [ r dir ] [ t time ] [ n threadnum ] [ s sched ] DESCRIPTION: myhttpd is a simple web server. It binds to a given port on the given address and waits for incoming HTTP/1.0 requests. It serves content from the given directory. That is, any requests for documents is resolved relative to this directory (the document root – by default, the directory where the server is running). 2.1 OPTIONS: d : Enter debugging mode. That is, do not daemonize, only accept one connection at a time and enable logging to stdout. Without this option, the web server should run as a daemon process in the background. h : Print a usage summary with all options and exit. l file : Log all requests to the given file. See LOGGING for details. p port : Listen on the given port. If not provided, myhttpd will listen on port 8080. r dir : Set the root directory for the http server to dir. t time : Set the queuing time to time seconds. The default should be 60 seconds. n
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Project-1 - P roject - 1 C S E 421/521 O perating Systems D...

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