Project-1 - P roject - 1 C SC 4103 O perating Systems D ue:...

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Project - 1 CSC 4103 – Operating Systems Due: October 20 th @11:59pm In this project, you will learn how to simulate Operating Systems and how to implement some Operating System components in OSP environment. Your task in this project will be to implement the CPU Scheduling component of an Operating System. Please read all instructions carefully before starting the project. 1. Preparation Before beginning your work, read the OSP handbook carefully (especially Chapters 1.1- 1.5 & 1.7 from OSP 1.0 or Chapters 1-4 from OSP 2.0). It is important to understand the usage of the variables and their descriptions before starting programming. You may also need to revisit the related materials in your text book (Silberschatz) to get the conceptual background necessary for the project. For this purpose you should read Chapter 5.3 from Silberschatz for different CPU scheduling policies 2. Programming Task - Implement CPU Scheduling Policies in OSP: The objective of this task is to implement a CPU module with a specific scheduling policy in OSP. You are required to implement a Multilevel Feedback Queue scheduling algorithm in this task. The general descriptions of this algorithm can be found in Section 5.3.5 of Silberschatz. The followings are specific requirements of this task: 1. The ready-queue is partitioned into three separate queues, namely, the foreground, intermediate, and background queues. The foreground and intermediate queues
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Project-1 - P roject - 1 C SC 4103 O perating Systems D ue:...

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