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Unformatted text preview: Due Friday September 2 Process Thermodynamics Homework #1 1. Sandler Problem 2.1 2. Liquid/vapor saturation pressure Psat is often represented as a function of temperature by an equation of the form: log 10 P sat ( torr) a b t ( C) c o Here, parameters a, b, and c are substance‐specific constants. Suppose it is required to represent Psat by the equivalent equation: ln P sat (kPa) A B T (K ) C Show how the parameters in the two equations are related. 3. Liquids that boil at relatively low temperatures are often stored as liquids under their vapor pressures, which at ambient temperatures can be quite large. Thus, n‐butane stored as a liquid/vapor system is at a pressure of 2.581 bar for a temperature of 300 K. Large‐scale storage (>50 m3) of this kind is sometimes done in spherical tanks. Suggest two reasons why. 4. The variation of fluid pressure with height is described by the differential equation: dP g dz Here is specific density and g is the local acceleration of gravity. For an ideal gas, = MP/R...
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