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DO NOT submit this Question Paper! - End - ECON1001: Principles of Microeconomics (Non-major) Fall 2007 Problem set #5 (Question Paper) 1. Multiple Choice Questions Due Date: 15 Oct, 5pm (Mon) Please hand in your answers in the WebCT. Other submission methods NOT allowed! You can download a reference copy from the tutorial website for better preparation. 2. Short answer question Due Date: 15 Oct, 5pm (Mon) 1. DO NOT submit this question paper! 2. Please download and use the Answer Sheet from the tutorial website! 3. You are NOT allowed to use any blank paper as you wish. 4. Late assignments/ incomplete personal details will be rejected. 5. The tutor will reject your assignment if you fail to follow the above rules. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Question: Suppose Jane has $100 to spend on either compact discs, which cost $10 each, or hamburgers, which cost $2 each. *FOR ALL PARTS: please label your diagrams well, no need to explain.
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