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UE-Section-B-Writing-Topics-1989-2010 - K.E.L.Y T.O...

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K.E.L.Y. T.O. PROUNDLY PRESENTS Hong Kong Advanced Level Examination AS-Level - Use of English Section B – Writing topics 1989 - 2010 Year 1989 1. Opportunities to use English in Hong Kong are many, but few young people take advantage of them. Propose a scheme whereby students from certain classes in your school might exchange visits and participate in activities with native English-speaking students in a school nearby. Address your proposal to the teacher in charge of the English Club in your school, outlining your ideas and pointing out the mutual benefits that could result if they were tried out. Sign your proposal ‘C.C.Chan’. Do NOT use your real name. 2. ‘Study in sunny Australia’, says an AUSTRADE advertisement on the wall of the MTR. You are interested. Do both tasks below: Write to the Education Marketing Officer at the Australian Trade Commission seeking more details about universities and colleges that offer places to foreign students. Following your enquiries to several possible institutions, one of them forwards you an application form requesting that you complete it and send it back together with a handwritten explanatory statement about yourself, giving your reasons for wanting to go to Australia (rather than the U.K. for example), and your expectations of the course you have selected. Write this statement. Sign the letter and the statement ‘D.K.Poon’. Do NOT use your real name. 3. Speaker A: Freedom is the right to disagree. Speaker B: True. But it's sometimes better for everyone if you keep quiet. Consider the point of view of both speakers. Write a discussion essay in which you draw on experiences from your own life to illustrate the need to sometimes ‘speak up’ or ‘shut up’. 4. You have been offered two jobs: one is that of a trainee supermarket manager (low pay, boring work, good prospects, and good terms of employment): the other is as a factory manager in your uncle's garment factory (low pay, interesting Work, uncertain prospects, possible family privileges). Write a letter to an older brother (now living in Canada), who has often given you good advice in the past. Describe the two jobs, express your opinions and ask him to help you make the right choice. Sign your letter ‘Chris’. DO NOT use your real name.
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Year 1990 1. Alan: I've just signed up to participate in the ‘Help the Aged’ Project. I did it last year as well and found it an enjoyable and fruitful experience. Are you involved in any voluntary work? Betty: Of course I am even though I don't particularly like it, and do you know why I do it? It's because you always have to say that you've done some voluntary work when you go for an interview either for a job or for university. Alan: Oh, that's not why I signed up.
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UE-Section-B-Writing-Topics-1989-2010 - K.E.L.Y T.O...

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