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Personality Assessment - Sample MMPI Questions • I...

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Personality Assessment: Chapter 5 Types of Personality Tests Projective vs. Objective Types of Personality Tests Projective Tests “How to see into someone’s mind” – Provide B Data E.g., Rorschach, TAT Projective Tests: Rorschach Ink Blot Herman Rorschach (1921) 10 cards with inkblots – “What do you see?” – TAT – Thematic Apperception Task Henry Murray (1943) Pictures of Ambiguous Interactions “What is happening in this picture?” – Objective Tests Yes/No; True/False - Very Long – Less open to interpretation – Types MMPI CPI Single Trait Measures MMPI – Minnesota Mutliphasic Inventory
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Most Common Do responses fall in “normal” range Used by clinicians, military, other employment agencies Long test Has several different scales (multiphasic) Scales thought to measure different kinds of psychological disorders e.g., depression Scale scores indicate how you compare with others
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Unformatted text preview: Sample MMPI Questions: • I usually feel that life is worthwhile and interesting o Depression • Evil people are trying to influence my mind o Paranoia • I seem to hear things that other people can’t hear o Schizophrenia Other Objective Tests: CPI – California Psychological Inventory • Normal populations • “folk” concepts of personality (Gough & Bradley, 2006) NEO Personality Normal populations • 5 broad traits on continuum o Subsets MMPI, CPI, NEO = OMNIBUS tests – . Single Trait Measures Shyness Scale Self-Monitoring Scale Type A vs. Type B Class Demonstration Learn something about YOURSELF Projective vs. Objective Tests Projective Tests Explore what people want Objective Tests Predict how motives will be expressed I.e.) Need for Achievement – Projective – Objective –...
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Personality Assessment - Sample MMPI Questions • I...

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