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Intro - Personality Psychology Lecture 1 Roadmap for the...

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Personality Psychology Lecture 1: Roadmap for the course: Psychological Triad Why personality? Working Definition Two Main Issues Approaches Components of Theories Why Personality? Compared to Social Psychology- Two Questions to Consider? Same people are different in different situations - Different people are different in same situation - Relation to Abnormal Psychology or Clinical Psychology Prediction of others’ behavior Introvert vs. Extrovert DEFININTION: Basic definition – Personality is consistent behavior patterns and intrapersonal processes originating within the individual.
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Expanded definition - Personality refers to: an individual’s characteristic patterns if thought, emotion, and behavior, together with psychological mechanisms – hidden or not – behind these patterns. Consistent: Identity patterns across time and situations Outgoing today = Outgoing tomorrow This DOES NOT MEAN we will ALWAYS act this way Intrapersonal:
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