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Self_Outline 1 Outline: The Self Answers the question “Who Am I” 2 Key Components of the Self: Self-Concept (Self-Knowledge) Self-Esteem Self-Concept An organized collection of beliefs and feelings about the self Possible Selves: thoughts of what we might become in the future Independent vs. Interdependent Self-concept Independent Self – a self-concept that is separate from other people: Interdependent Self- a self-concept that highlights connection and relationships with others: Other selves Self-Esteem An individual’s evaluation of or attitude toward the self: How Do We Come to Know the Self? Introspection: process whereby people look inward and examine their own thoughts, feelings, and motive Two Theories of Introspection Self-Awareness Theory: Higgins’ Self-Discrepancy Theory Actual Self (who one is): Ideal Self (who one wants to be): Ought Self (who one thinks they should be)
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Self_Outline 2 Introspection can be flawed o “Thinkers without a clue” o Will give a reason Bem’s Self-Perception Theory We find out how we feel by observing what we do (our behaviors): Occurs when: Our initial feelings are weak or unclear We think about why we behaved that way we have and decide that it was our free choice Phenomenon Predicted by Self-Perception Theories Overjustification Effect Viewing one’s behavior as caused by some external factor (extrinsic motivation) makes one underestimate the extent to which the behavior was caused by internal factors (intrinsic motivation) Schachter’s Two-Factor Theory of Emotion
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The Self - Self_Outline 1 Outline The Self Answers the...

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