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Methods_Outline 1 Research Methods Outline Hindsight Bias: The tendency to exaggerate how much we could have predicted an outcome after knowing that it occurred The Scientific Method Good Research is: Empirical (based on data) Objective (standardized procedures) Critical Cumulative (based on previous research) Replicate Goal of Science: Describe behavior Predict behavior Determine the cause of behavior (to change) Explain and understand behavior Approaches to Research Basic Research: research designed to answer fundamental questions about the nature of behavior – satisfy own intellectual curiosity (Why do we do this?) Applied Research: find solutions to everyday problems Research aimed at addressing real world problems and potential solutions Important terms and Organizing Principles Laws: principles that are so general that they apply to all situations Theories: integrated sets of principles that explain and predict observed events
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Methods_Outline 2 Good theories: Summarize Make clear predictions Are falsifiable The Research Hypothesis: o Specific and Testable research question o Predicts a relationship between variables o Correlational or experimental o Falsifiable Exposure to Violence Aggression Predictor variable Outcome variable Predict that exposure to violence will increase aggressive behavior
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Research Methods - Methods_Outline 1 Research Methods...

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