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Payton Rubin Chapter 2 pp. 83-92   Spitting the Brain- to do this the corpus callosum must be severed -eliminates seizures if the corpus callosum is cut -split brains intellect and personality was hardly affected by the procedure Split brained individuals cannot recognize seen through their left eye and their left hand may be have unruly  independence like unbuttoning a shirt the right hand buttoned  Sperry said split brain surgery leaves people with “two separate minds” Most of the body’s paired organs perform identical tasks (not the brain) Perceptual Task- right hemisphere Speaking/Calculation- left hemisphere Hemispheric Specialization aka lateralization has been shown through numerous tests and studies Left hemisphere is adept at making quick literal interpretations of language while the right excels at picking 
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Unformatted text preview: up subtle inferences Nearly 90 percent of humans are right-handed; roughly 10 percent are left handed Right handers process speech in the left hemisphere while Left handers are more diverse some use the left or right, others use both The Case of the Disappearing Southpaws:-with age the percentage of left-handers drops dramatically -at first it was thought that childhood coercion causes lefties to switch-left handers are more likely to have birth stress, accidents, headaches, knee and joint problems, use more tobacco and alcohol, and have immune system problems-Everything psychological is simultaneously biological...
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