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Payton Rubin Ms. Hamfeldt AP English IV September 20 th , 2011 Product Proposal My research was primarily focused around why people make irrational decisions. As a product, I would like to create an intellectual “test” consisting of various cards with scenarios on them to see if people will make rational decisions. This would aid my understanding of why people make the decisions that they do and let me see firsthand if individuals can make logical decisions. The game would consist of twenty-five cards, each outfitted with a unique scenario. The answers would be on the back of the card so the reader can test their knowledge and see if they are making a rational choice. This would encourage people to want to “test” their decision making skills and challenge themselves with the task of answering all the cards correctly. In order create this
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Unformatted text preview: challenge, a timer as well as card difficulty ratings will be created, making the process more difficult. This test will also be put into an online format allowing the taker to see the answers and his or her score once they’ve completed the challenge. This product would directly enhance and relate to my research, by enabling me to see if most people are capable of making rational decisions. In addition, the test would promote critical thinking and teach people about the irrational decisions they make. Hopefully, by taking the test and reviewing their answers, people will understand why they make certain decisions and how they can improve those decisions to make them rational and logical. Overall, I know my product will both be a learning experience for both its participants and its creator....
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