strain - I. Basic Concepts A. Strain Defined 1. Strain =...

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114 I. Basic Concepts A. Strain Defined 1. Strain = deformation of material in response to stress a. deformation = change in size and shape (1) change in length, diameter, volume of material b. Extensional Strain = lengthening/stretching c. Compressional Strain = shortening/flattening d. Rotational vs. nonrotational strain B. Types of Strain 1. Homogeneous: changes in size and shape are proportionately identical from smaller scale to larger scale in rock body a. planar surfaces remain planar after deformation b. lines remain straight c. parallel lines remain parallel 2. Inhomogeneous: changes in size and shape vary from place to place in rock body a. straight lines become curved b. planes become curved c. parallel lines are not parallel after deformation d. Example Folding: (1) On large scale: inhomogeneous ductile deformation (2) On small scale: homogeneous strain C. Other Terms and Concepts of Strain 1. Progressive Deformation: time series of motion that carries body from undeformed state to final deformed state a. strain path: steps or path of progressive deformation b. strain state: any given instant of strain, final strain state yields no information about strain path 2. 3-D strain: examination of shape/size changes in 3-dimensions 3. Plane Strain: examination of shape/size changes in 2-dimensions 4. Material objects used to identify strain
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115 a. bedding planes b. fossils, oolites, nodules II. Measures of Strain A. Linear Strain (change in length during deformation, strain in 1-dimension) 1. volume of material: measure of size of material, that may be subject to change during strain a. volume of cube = l x l x l (e.g. cu. cm) 2. Stretching: measure of ratio deformed length (L2) to original length (L1) Sn = L2/L1 3. Extension: measure of ratio of change in length (dL) to original length (L1) e = dL/L1 = (L2-L1)/L1 = Sn - 1 a. Positive value of extension = lengthening b. negative value of extension = shortening B. Volumetric Strain (change in volume during deformation, i.e. change in length in 3-D) 1. volumetric stretch: Sv = v2/V1 2. volumetric extension: Ev= dV/V1 = (V2-V1)/V1 = Sv-1
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strain - I. Basic Concepts A. Strain Defined 1. Strain =...

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