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McDougal 1 Zak McDougal Mrs. Roach Classics in American Literature 25 March 2009 The Luscious Life of Lou “His poise and his humility in accepting his fate made him one of baseball’s most revered figures” (“Lou Gehrig 3”). This described one of the greatest New York Yankee players to have ever hit the field, Lou Gehrig. Lou Gehrig made an unbelievable amount of accomplishments in his years of playing for the Yankees which influenced not only later baseball players, but his hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of fans. Gehrig caused a huge change in the aspects of baseball in many ways that are still seen in the world of baseball today. Gehrig impacted the decade of the 1920s and beyond by taking the sport of baseball and culture to another level through his influence on millions of people, advancement in baseball ethics, and display of the American Dream. Lou Gehrig, born Henry Louis Gehrig, lived his infant life in northeastern New York with his parents, Heinrich and Christina. Lou was not an only child, though. At an infant age, he had two siblings whom both died mysteriously as babies. The deaths of his two siblings left his parents in depression and him with no brother or sister to look to. Lou’s parents lived and shared their life of struggle and poverty with him as they slowly began to craft their lives from German to U.S. lifestyles (“Lou Gehrig 3”). Lou’s father, Heinrich worked as an art-metal mechanic, but not very efficiently due to his alcoholism and poor health at the time. As Lou grew up, he started to help his mother, Christina, with her four jobs as somewhat of an assistant and with a lot of the household chores, as well. Lou’s mother, contradictory to his father, worked extremely hard,
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McDougal 2 taking on four jobs all throughout Lou’s childhood (“Lou Gehrig 2”). As Gehrig entered high school, he began his high school sport career off exceptionally. He excelled at several sports which included baseball, basketball, and soccer. He made and won the city championship in soccer an also baseball while his basketball career didn’t make as much notice as his other two
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1RESEARCH - McDougal 1 Zak McDougal Mrs Roach Classics in...

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