discussion questions - I would explain the functions of the...

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I would explain the functions of the brain to a younger brother or sister by comparing the brain to something that they can relate to such as an Xbox video gaming system. Looking at the neurons, they are made up of four very important parts. It contains the cell body, axon, axon terminals, and the dendrites as well. I would compare the cell body to the motherboard of the game. This would act as the "control center" for the neuron. Dendrites are the controllers of the game. They help the neurons receive information, while the axon is the cord that connects to the controller to the motherboard. The axon terminals would act as the wires (neurotransmitters) that helps the controller send information to the motherboard. Therefore allowing the controllers to control the motherboard (neuron & sending and receiving messages). The information that is being transmitted by neurons are smell, sight, taste, and etc. Neurons also play a role in the way we think as well. Now to explain the synapse, the messages are sent through the axon tunnel (wire connecting the controller to the motherboard). Within these tunnels are axon terminals, the information must pass through these terminals in order for the message to be sent. This is where the synapse comes into play. They act as a bridge between the neurons. You can thinks of synapse as the game for the Xbox. Without the synapse, the neurons are unable to send correct information. So in closing, all the different (small) components work together to make sure our bodies are sending and receiving information. The analogy I choose to use would be a row of black cats (firecrackers),each firecracker has it own source of energy from the gun powder stored in each one,in comparison to the sodium channels which holds back the Nat ion's. In the same way the capsule hold back the gunpowder within the firecracker,when the first firecracker is lit and pop's it a chain reaction. The next firecracker cannot react until the before it
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discussion questions - I would explain the functions of the...

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