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Checkpoint hcr 220 week 6 day 5 - e Non-electric...

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Checkpoint: Applying Level II HCPCS Modifiers Apply the appropriate Level II HCPCS code modifier for each of the following examples. Explain your rationale for each selection. a. Portable home oxygen unit -QM This is a portable home oxygen unit that is to be taken home with patient for personal used authorized by provider of services. b. Emergency ambulance transport and extended life support -QN Authorization of transportatio n by ambulance for patient per the provider’s request. c. Diagnostic mammogram, left breast -GG This code represents a diagnostic mammogram procedure performed on the left breast. d. Cortisone 10 mg injection, right shoulder _RT The code used for the procedure was done on the right side
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of the body with injection.
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Unformatted text preview: e. Non-electric wheelchair-GY The Item was not a Medicare covered necessity so this item was not covered and the code was correct. f. Intravenous catheter line (PICC), right arm-RT The code chosen was due to the procedure being performed on the right side of the body. g. Laboratory certification, cytology specimens TC The chosen code was for a procedure done to the left side of the body. h. Chest x-ray-TC Code chosen was due to procedure using technical equipment ( X-ray Equipment) i. Prosthetic hip replacement, left side-LT Code chosen due to a procedure being performed to the left side of the body> Hip replacement. Code chosen j. Electric hospital bed-GY due to this equipment not being covered by Medicare....
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