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Work Methods Study_2011 - 540:201 Work Design and...

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540:201 Work Design and Ergonomics 2011 Work Methods Study The objective of the work methods study is to provide practice in applying the concepts and principles of work design and ergonomics that are presented and discussed in class. The Work Methods Study is a team project of 4-5 members per team. The focus of this work methods study will involve an application of work sampling (see Groover, Chapter 16). In this exercise, your team will create a question about the work or operations, and then design a study to answer that question, collect and analyze data, and then answer your question based on the data and the limitations of your study design. The question will address the frequency of occurrence of an event or a situation and whether, under an alternate condition, the frequency of occurrence is different. As part of the study, your group will need to identify a project of interest and the scope of the analysis. A list of possible studies is provided below. Your group may also suggest a different study with a focus more on layout, work measurement, etc. Example studies: 1. At your favorite retail outlet, what percentage of time are the workers assisting customers? Stocking shelves? Do the percentages vary by time of day?
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Work Methods Study_2011 - 540:201 Work Design and...

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