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2150 Updated Group Assignments (as of September22) Please note that for space considerations Group T has been slotted into Melanie Bennett’s Tutorial section Tutorial Section I (Melanie Bennett) Group A: Udai Bindra, Alina Inozemtseva, Joseph McNabb (November 16, 2011) Group B: Giuseppe Benvenuto, Kendra Boyles, Jonathan Comsa, Yan Fang (November 16, 2011) Group C:Al Habib, Phillip Robbins, Milandeep Shergill, Amy Sooklal (November 23, 2011) Group D: Jatin Behl, Vaibhav Kapoor, Hanishka Polimera, Eric Yao (November 23, 2011) Group E: Joshua Eisenstat, Manas Khurana, Jeremy Lee, Nakul Sharma (November 30, 2011) Group F: Manfred Adan Lopez, Raiyan Awal, Tayo Kadiri, Jersey Mcintyre (November 30, 2011) Group T: Sadaf Aftab, Mohammad Aryanpour, Anna Pham-Hoang, Kunchok Yaklha (November 30, 2011) Tutorial Section II (Alison Baker) Group G: Cassandra Belcastro, Manpreet Saini, Gurtej Sidhu, Duy Tran (November 16, 2011) Group H: Jorge Chavarria, Sosia Galperin, Robert Mete, Jessica Schulze (November 16, 2011)
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