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ENVS 2150 Environment, Technology and Sustainable Society: Group Projects Fall 2011 Instructor: Myles Wieselman Teaching Assistants: Alison Baker, Melanie Bennett You are to work in groups of four on these projects. One grade will be assigned for the group. The purpose of these applied projects is to give you a hands-on treatment of how important contemporary environmentally-related issues can be addressed. Your group will present on your work in the tutorials during the last 4 weeks of the term (starting 9 November 11). Each group is also required to submit a 10-page project summary report ( not including references, diagrams, illustrations and title page). It is the responsibility of the group to ensure that each group member contributes an equal share to the project. Written Project Report (10 pages, double-spaced, 12pt font, standard margins) Due on the last day of class. Topics The topics for your group work are pretty open, but they should of course be related to environmental issues in an explicit way and efforts should be made to bring in the principles learnt in this class into your research report. Here are some suggestions that you can serve as a starting point on which to build your own inquiry. Select any environmental issue or problem (see the Buell readings for examples) and show how it was “socially constructed”. Show how the issue/problem was socially constructed: who were the claims-makers, what were the claims, how did the claims play-out? How does your applied social constructionist analysis suggest possible solutions to the problem you are studying? Do a case study analysis of an environmental disaster – whether it be technological or “natural.” Identify the relevant technological and social factors that underlie the disaster. How could the impacts of the disaster be mitigated? Focusing on a particular manufacturing, industrial or natural resource-based sector, explain how and in what ways ecological footprint analysis, industrial ecology, lifecycle analysis and preventive engineering be applied. Conduct a critical review of a sustainable design project of interest to you. For example, you could review the planning literature on the concept of the “new urbanism” and “eco-cities”, and describe/discuss (in a general fashion) how such strategies may be implemented in high-density
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ENVS2150_Group_Project_Reports - ENVS 2150 Environment,...

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