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English 102 – Research Paper Checklist 1. Did you go over the checklist in its entirety and make sure you corrected errors in your paper? (6 points) I have completely gone through the checklist and have corrected a few errors in my research paper. As my paper is still a work in progress, will more than likely going through the checklist again. I found the checklist extremely helpful and hopefully my paper will show that the checklist does indeed have a purpose. 2. What types of errors did you find in your paper? (6 points) The majority of the errors that I found in my paper had to do with the tense it was written in. I also found a few spelling errors along with accidental double wording. 3. What types of things did you have to correct in your paper (based on the checklist)? (6 points) Based on the checklist, I had to correct the tone of the paper, as well as changing a few vocabulary words. I am finding however, that my sentence pattern is similar throughout my paper. I am not quite sure how to
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