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Pamphlet or Brochure 1. What idea or opinion will you be trying to “sell” to others in your brochure? The opinion that I will be trying to sell to others will be that as beneficial that the internet might be, it possess many dangers if the proper precautions aren’t taken. 2. What types of visuals do you plan on using in order to make the brochure attractive? I currently have three clip art pieces that I plan to incorporate into the brochure that will illustrate my opinion. 3. Which document or project processing system do you plan on using to create the brochure? I plan on utilizing Microsoft Word to create my brochure. 4. How will you use persuasive voice to move your reader?
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Unformatted text preview: I will use persuasive voice to move my reader by using compelling rhetoric based on fact not fiction. 5. Talk about one or two things you learned from either the Web site links (included as “tips” in this lesson under the creative project title you chose), or from The Everyday Writer. The two biggest things that I learned while researching the sites included in this lesson under the brochure title is that I should use both upper and lower case print for the simple fact that all upper case letters tend to get a lower response from readers and to attract more attention I should use information that the readers can relate to not necessarily just my opinion....
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