ENG 102 Lesson 5 Character Analysis Essay

ENG 102 Lesson 5 Character Analysis Essay - D eception Have...

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Deception Have you ever had the desire to know what other people are thinking? Or wanting to know their every secret? How could you balance knowing everyone’s secrets without letting your own become known? What if your job was to intrusively reveal others secrets being sure not to let your own cause internal turmoil? Could you handle that pressure? Having dealt with a few internal conflicts myself, I can personally relate to the character Commander Trevor Strathmore from Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress, who also dealt with those pressures everyday as the deputy director of operations for the National Security Agency. On the surface Commander Trevor Strathmore is a confident, strong-willed, motivated, and highly respected man, but deep down he is an emotionally-blocked, self-centered individual whose ambitions proved to be catastrophic. The admiration of Commander Trevor Strathmore by the employees of the National Security Agency is not difficult to understand. In the beginning of his career, Strathmore was recognized for his unconventional and triumphant intelligence operations. Among his many admirers, the biggest being Susan Fletcher, they looked to him for everything; “Behind that door [sits] one of the greatest men she’d ever met” (23). His ambition had allowed him to move up the
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ranks within the NSA from head of Crypto Development to the second-in-command. Now only one man outranked him, not that he seemed to care his strong-will still
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ENG 102 Lesson 5 Character Analysis Essay - D eception Have...

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