ENG 102 Research Proposal

ENG 102 Research Proposal - Transforming Negligence into...

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Transforming Negligence into Education According to the 2009 Annual Report released by The Internet Crime Complaint Center, (IC3), the total monetary loss linked to online fraud in the year 2008 totaled $559.7 million. Internet crime; more commonly referred to as cyber-crime, seems to be ubiquitous, and shows no mark of becoming obsolete any time soon. Through my extensive research I intend on expressing the severity of the increase of cyber-crime and provide information on basic, necessary, and in-depth precautions that can be taken against the mass amount of cyber-criminals. The purpose of my paper will be to provide knowledge of how easily criminals can benefit from pure negligence by the basic internet user and hopefully benefit the readers by relaying techniques on how to further security in an effort to diminish cyber-criminal activity. I choose this particular topic primarily due to my own personal experience of having my identity stolen. In addition, I enjoy furthering my education pertaining to internet security in an attempt to secure my identity, personal information, and safeguarding my family against cyber-criminals. I feel that as long as I am learning how to protect myself, I’d love to be a part of something bigger by educating a larger audience on simplistic precautions; I hope to see the percentage of cyber-crimes decrease. Overview of Sources
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ENG 102 Research Proposal - Transforming Negligence into...

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