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Online Education Rogerian Essay

Online Education Rogerian Essay - Online Education A Bright...

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Online Education: A Bright Prospect of the Future or a Fading Vision of the Past Does the increasing addictive use of the internet lead to depression? Can online education become the social and economic equalizer among students? Is the focus of online education on helping the student succeed or on fattening the institutions’ pocketbook? Can a computer screen be a true substitution for the one-on-one instruction of a professor in a traditional classroom setting? Online education can be both beneficial and detrimental to educators and students alike. Educators, students, and the vast public continue to have mixed emotions on the quality and effectiveness of distance learning as enrollment rates skyrocket but student performance plummets. “Education Will Not Move Online,” an Opposing Viewpoints article, written by David Noble offered his viewpoint from one of his many published books; Digital Diploma Mills: The Automation of Higher Education; “Online education is inferior to traditional classroom instruction for several reasons: It makes a personal mentor-student relationship impossible, it does not adequately protect the right of the faculty members, and it reduces the educational process to a consumer good, pre-packaged for mass consumption.” (1)
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[Type text] Teachers throughout many universities are not comfortable with doing all of the work and not receiving any recognition. Many of the collaborations that incorporate course material with the aspect of online learning experiences require the claiming of the rights to that professors’ work. Regardless of the many publicized demonstrations, huge protests, and signed petitions
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