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February 17, 2011 Lab #2 UV-V Absorbance spectrometer and Noise and Detection Limits Objective The Varian UV-Vis spectrometry is a scanning instrument that disperses the wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation across an entrance slit, sending only a narrow range of wavelengths through the sample and to a detector. Using the UV-Vis absorbance spectrometer, one will be able to gain experience observing the behavior of noise and the estimation of detection limits. To do so, a blank sample is placed into the sample compartment of the instrument recording P 0 (the absorbance of the blank sample at the selected wavelengths). The blank is then replaced with a sample and P is recorded at all wavelengths. The machine then plots absorbance versus wavelength (spectrum). This technique will be used to determine the upper limit for absorbance measurements. The lamp noise of the absorbance spectrometer will also be observed in order to calculate its detection limit. Experiment Amount of Quinine Sulfate : 0.0394 g 9.94 * 10 -4 M Instrument: Lambda 35, UV/Vis Spectrometer Scan Wavelength: 250 – 600 nm Background Solution: Sulfuric Acid Signal to Noise Time Intervals: 1, 10, 60 seconds
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Post Lab - February 17 - February 17, 2011 Lab #2 UV-V...

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