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Assignment 3 - Assignment#3 DUE DATE This assignment is to...

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Assignment #3 DUE DATE: This assignment is to be submitted entirely on paper on Friday, February 13 th by 9pm in your TA’s drop box. Hand in one copy per pair. Learning Objectives: This assignment covers applications of integration that we have not studied in class. The concept of Work is a concept that you are familiar with from physics, and this assignment will allow you to explore what happens when a force is not constant, and integration must be done to calculate work. The assignment will require you to read the text on your own, and apply your knowledge of integration and its applications in a new context! ASSIGNMENT (9 marks total): Read sections 6.2 and 6.4 of the text (pg. 422-430 and 438-441) and answer the following questions [NOTE: Questions must be completed by hand]:
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