Midterm 1A

Midterm 1A - Surname First name Student Number TA...

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Surname, First name Student Number TA Name/Day/Time PHY1020 Midterm test 1 February 13, 2009 2:15 pm - 3:30 pm Instructor: Rupinder Brar Academic Misconduct – policies: All exam/midterm answers should be written in ink. No white-out is allowed. If an exam is written in pencil, the student will not be allowed to re-submit questions for remarking. ALL WORK AND ANSWERS MUST BE WRITTEN IN THE SPACE PROVIDED. WRITE YOUR NAME AND STUDENT NUMBER. Writing and drawing instruments and portable calculators are allowed. Selected formulae, constants and equations are provided on last page. All problem solutions should be written on the sheets provided. Your diagrams, intermediate calculations, logical reasoning, and answers will all be graded for the problems. Do all questions. Show all your work on the same page as the question for full or partial marks. You may right on the back. Write your final answer in the space provided. Question # Score 1 /10 2 /6 3 /10 4 /5 MC +bonus /4 Total
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1. Consider 2 particles with charge q A = 8e and q B = -3e and the distance between them, L = 1.0 cm. (b)
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Midterm 1A - Surname First name Student Number TA...

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