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PHY1020U Formulas and Equations Midterm 2 NOTE that there are some basic laws, definitions and formulas that you are expected to remember. Like Kirchoff’s Laws and equivalent resistance. μ 0 = 4 π x 10 -7 T m/A magnetic constant 2 2 9 / 10 99 . 8 C m N k e × = Coulomb Constant (SI Units) 0 4 1 πε = e k e = 1.60x10 -19 C electron charge m e = 9.11x10 -31 kg mass of an electron A = 4 π r 2 surface area of a sphere V = 4/3 π r 3 volume of a sphere C = 2 π r circumference of a circle A = 2 π r l surface area of a cylinder V = π r 2 l volume of a cylinder V = I R O h m s L a w A I J / = C u r r e n t d e n s i t y
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