HW1 - CS 5722/CEE 5290/ORIE 5340 Heuristic Methods for...

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CS 5722/CEE 5290/ORIE 5340 Heuristic Methods for Optimization Homework 1: Algorithms, Complexity, and Randomized Search Assigned: Saturday , August 27 2011 Due: Wednesday , September 7, 2011 (Students entering the course late or otherwise needing extra time for the first assignmentshould contact TA Ying <yw387>. Homework policies are given at the end of this assignment. TA Office Hours: Tues (8/30) 3:00-4:30pm, Thurs(9/1) 3:00-4:30pm in Hollister 203 (Office hours might change after the first HW) Go to: http://blackboard.cornell.edu/ a nd look for CEE 5209 to sign-up for course or search for “Heuristic Optimization”. See http://atc.cit.cornell.edu/atc/blackboard/students/ for help to sign-up on course website. Notes: Check the course website regularly for hints or corrections to homework assignments, if any. Also try using Discussion Board on blackboard for assignment related questions. You can ask questions or look at the answers to similar questions other students have already asked. Take a look at the Matlab Primer on the website (under Course Documents) if you are unfamiliar with Matlab. If you have Matlab problems after looking at the Primer please feel free to contact Ying ([email protected]). Get started on this as soon as possible since the programming tends to take a significant amount of time! If you strongly prefer to use something other than Matlab please discuss this with TA. Simple o ptimization algorithms: We wish to minimize the following simple one-dimensional cost function: Cost( s ) = (400 – ( s – 21) 2 ) * sin( s *pi/6) Constraints : s is integer-valued and 0 s 500 When applicable we will use the following basic neighborhood function: For each element s current the neighborhood N(s current ) is in the range (0,500) and is no more than 25 in distance from s current . To pick a point in the neighborhood for a search algorithm pick a neighboring solution, s, randomly so that max(s current -25,0) < s min(s current +25, 500) . a.
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HW1 - CS 5722/CEE 5290/ORIE 5340 Heuristic Methods for...

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