SAtrials - for h= 1:maxiter avgCurrent(1,h)=...

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close all %clear all clc SAparameter S trials= 30; beta= 1; Minitial= 1; maxiter= 1100; % Z= zeros(trials,2); storeSolution= zeros(maxiter,3,trials); storeSBEST= zeros(1,2,trials); s % for i= 1:trials % Z(i,1)= randi([0 127]); % Z(i,2)= randi([0 127]); % end % runtime= 0; for i= 1:trials tic [storeSolution(:,:,i) storeSBEST(:,:,i)] = SA(Z(i,:),Tinitial,alpha,beta,Minitial,maxiter); runtime= runtime + toc; end avgRT= runtime/trials; a avgCurrent= zeros(1,maxiter); avgBest= zeros(1,maxiter);
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Unformatted text preview: for h= 1:maxiter avgCurrent(1,h)= mean(storeSolution(h,2,:)); avgBest(1,h)= mean(storeSolution(h,3,:)); end e avgBC= mean(storeSolution(1000,3,:)); stdBC= std(storeSolution(1000,3,:)); s hold on grid on title('Current Cost and Best Cost vs. Iteration'); xlabel('Iteration'); ylabel('Current Cost (red) and Best Cost (blue)'); plot(1:maxiter,avgCurrent,'r-'); plot(1:maxiter,avgBest,'b-'); p...
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