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HW_2_Eddie Lo - Eddie Lo ID 2840681 SYSEN 510 Homework#2 1a...

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Eddie Lo ID 2840681 SYSEN 510 Homework #2 1a) Helping Hands was originally the first on the market but with increased competition, it lost market share because of cheaper copy-cat products. Its competition also produced more aesthetically pleasing products and had a stronger network of clients (hotel-based clients) who appreciated better customer service than the service Helping Hands provided. b) Reasons Helping Hands believes their clients will prefer them to competition because it has a faster, more reliable product and offers great customer service. Although initial investment is higher for the Helping Hands model, in the long, their clients will save more money than if they had went with Helping Hands’ competitor’s models—i.e., it’s more economical for large hotel chains. 2. Project: New attraction efficiency design at Disneyland Resort a. Current or recent design project experience: Recent project experience as a co-op at the Disneyland Resort supporting attractions. Specifically, this project was to help with the opening of the Little Mermaid attraction. b. Within the previous two years: This project started in August 2010 and completed in August 2011. c. Includes a multi-stakeholder team: Included myself and 1 other co-op along with mechanical engineers and industrial engineers working on the attraction’s opening. d. Includes many disciplines: Project included work from mechanical, industrial, and computer engineers. e. Requires you to take on cradle-to-grave responsibilities: Developed the queue design with mechanical engineers when designing the attraction and seeing the final queue implemented and worked with engineers designing the attraction from an efficiency
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HW_2_Eddie Lo - Eddie Lo ID 2840681 SYSEN 510 Homework#2 1a...

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