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HW_3_Eddie Lo - Eddie Lo ID 2840681 SYSEN 510 Homework#3 1...

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Eddie Lo ID 2840681 SYSEN 510 Homework #3 1. Recent project experience as a co-op at the Disneyland Resort supporting attractions, specifically to help with the opening of the Little Mermaid attraction in May 2011. Worked with mechanical, industrial, and computer engineers to develop the queue design with other engineers to design the attraction from an efficiency standpoint. Immediate team size was 4 but we worked directly with over 10 other people. Generated requirements on queue size, dimensions, and length; analyzed the efficiency of the attraction via time studies and wait time matrices, tested the system via time studies and Guest’s experience in the queue. 2. a. The group’s role was to develop an efficient attraction process and an effective Guest queuing design. b. In the immediate group, there are 4 engineers. Three are industrial engineers and one is a project manager with industrial engineering background. The project manager’s role was to oversee the moving aspects of the project (mostly hands-off since she had other projects to work on). The three industrial engineers had similar roles that evolved throughout the project. One engineer was to be the liaison between the team and the other engineers involved in the process (mechanical engineers who were designing the attraction and surrounding landscape, computer engineers who were completing simulations and models). Another role was data collection—from using data from similar attractions as well as helping to develop models through how the data may be used. Another role was to interview Guests and people who operated the attraction to develop best practices. c. The group, at the end, was at its performing (or even adjourning) stage. One interesting stage it was at was its storming stage. Although everyone in the team had the same supervisor (the project manager), it seemed that everyone was vying to make the best impression on the supervisor by taking on a smaller leadership role, whether that be delegating tasks to others or choosing roles for one another. This was problematic in the
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HW_3_Eddie Lo - Eddie Lo ID 2840681 SYSEN 510 Homework#3 1...

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