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SYSEN 5100: Applied Systems Engineering Homework #4 Eddie Lo CID 2840681, ecl88 1. Baker and Christian claim that the main problem with models used in systems engineering is that they are developed on an “ad-hoc informal basis” and not “formally retained as part of the perfance specification,” so that “models were not available to support down-stream development/test activities or future operation and maintenance changes.” 2. According to Baker and Christian, the benefit of presenting performance flows graphically is that models may act as a definitive communication medium between team members and between customer and project laison—it allows for group participation in concurrent engineering. 3. According to Hauser and Clausing, "quality” is how products are “designed to reflect customers’ desires and tastes” and focuses on the coordination skills within an organization to design and manufacture “goods that customers will want to purchase and continue to purchase.” 4. House of Quality Screenshot on next page:
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Unformatted text preview: HW 4 2009 1 Relationships Key - Strong Positive - Medium Positive X- Medium Negative XX- Strong Negative Customer Attributes Lines aren't long 6 Quality ride experience 5 Ride is worth the wait 3 Friendly ride operators 4 Accomodations are met 2 Worth the time and money to ride attraction 1 Disneyland Six Flags Sea World X X X X X X X X X Cycle Time Queue Wait Matrix Engineering Characteristics Guests per Hour Guests per Vehicle Dispatch interval Customer Perception 1 2 3 4 5 Speed Performance X X Experience X X X X X X X Cost sec sec ft/min Objective Measures Units of Measure ppl ppl 20 Disneyland 2000 4 8 120 Six Flags 1500 6 6 180 10 40 Sea World 1500 4 7 140 5 Technical Difficulty 9 8 7 4 Imputed Importance 32 12 17 12 22 8 Estimated Relative Cost 10 9 4 7 Targets 2100 6 8 180 40 House of Quality Disneyland C-ticket Attraction Operation A B C A B C A C B B A C A B C...
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HW_4_EddieLo - HW 4 2009 1 Relationships Key - Strong...

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