HW_5_Question3 - Productino, Field-ing/deploy & Optl....

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OKK Assess Avaliable Information Define Effectiveness Measures Waterfall Requirements Analysis Specifications Vee Define System Requirements Allocate System Functions to Subsystems INCOSE Concept Exploration H-D Idea Definition GM Allocate Requirements
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Design Implementation Create Behavior Model Create Structure Model Design Implementation Detail Design of Components Verification of Component
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Unformatted text preview: Productino, Field-ing/deploy & Optl. Support Design, Devlopment, Tooling Released Design Subsystem Detailed Design & Build Design Vehicle Assemble & Develop Testing Deployment Maintenance Perform Trade-Off Analysis Create Sequential Build & Test Plan n Integration Maintenance Verification of Subsystems Full System Operation and Verification Equip., Tooling Process Ready Launch Enterprise Wide Validate Components Validate Subsystem Validate Vehicle...
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HW_5_Question3 - Productino, Field-ing/deploy & Optl....

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