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HW_6_EddieLo - SYSEN 5100 Applied Systems Engineering Fall...

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SYSEN 5100: Applied Systems Engineering Fall 2011 Homework #6 Eddie Lo 2840681 ecl88 1. The team decided to defer user interaction issues until later in the design process because they recognized the primary problem to be with principles or technology and so the team approached the problem using a functional decomposition to divide the problem into simpler sub problems. They felt it was less of a form problem so that user interaction issues were considered only later in the design process after the mechanics and principles were completely understood. 2. a) The standing queue space shall be at least 5” in width. (Design requirement) The vehicle power subsystem shall provide 12V DC to each vehicle. (interface req) The total cycle time shall be no more than 4 minutes. (performance requirements) b) “Guests shall be loaded and unloaded acceptably quickly to reduce the total amount of time the vehicle is waiting in the station” is not a valid requirement because it uses an ambiguous phrase “acceptably quickly” and can be misinterpreted. It also is not easily measured or verified.
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