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Unformatted text preview: Wines of the Southern Hemisphere Australia, New Zealand and South Africa Wines of the Southern Hemisphere S. Africa The Wines for the Tasting Sauvignon Blanc ,Wairau River, Marlborough, NZ 2008 Chardonnay. Bin 65 Lindeman, South Eastern Australia 2009 Chardonnay, Glen Carlou, Paarl. SA 2006 Carlou, Pinot Noir, Matua Vineyards, Marlborough NZ 2008 Shiraz, Wakefield, Claire Valley, AUS 2007 Shiraz-Cabernet-Merlot, Clancy’s, Peter Shiraz-CabernetLehmann, Barossa, AUS 2005 Southern Hemisphere Countries offer some of the best wine values today. How do they do it? How they do it. Generally favorable climates Low land cost Low labor costs High Yields Machine Harvested vineyards Liberal Wine Laws International Varietals Easy to Understand Varietal Labels Consumer friendly prices 1 Top 10 wine producing countries 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Italy France Spain United States Argentina 6. Australia 7. China 8. Germany 9. South Africa 10. Chile NZ is #22 US WINE IMPORTS by Volume 1. Italy 6. Argentina 2. Australia 8. New Zealand 4. Chile 10. South Africa France 31% Italy 28% Australia 17% Spain 5.8% Chile 4.5% 6. New Zealand 7. Germany 8. Argentina 9. Portugal 10. South Africa http://www.trade.gov/td/ocg/wine2008.pdf Please get ready to open your wine kits on the count of three 9. Portugal 5. Spain 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 7. Germany 3. France US Wine Imports by $Value SOUTH AFRICAN WINE Video New Zealand– Marlborough Sound Zealand– Cloudy Bay New World Technology in Wine Making Stuchberry Winery SOUTH AFRICAN WINE History: 1600s Dutch - 1st Wines 1688 Huguenots plant vines in Franschhoek 1825 Cape Wines exported to England Late 1800’s Phylloxera 1900s Low Quality / Fortified Wines 1973 Wine Laws 1990s Quality #8 Worldwide #10 US Imports in 2009 “Hot and Dry” Climate Variety of Varieties 56% White 2 South Africa 1657 1657 Jan van Riebeeck Dutch Governor - 1st vines planted Production: 10 million hl (2009) Total exports: 4.4 million hl Value R2.2 billion 585 Wine Producers 118 Bulk Wine buyers 3,839 Grape growers Sources: GAIN report 3/9/2010 SOUTH AFRICAN WINE History History 1825 Cape Wines exported to England 1861 Phylloxera– caused a set back. Phylloxera– 1899 Anglo-Boer War destroyed the wine Angloindustry 1900s Low Quality / Fortified Wines 1918 KWV Cooperative established S. AFRICAN WINE Wine Laws: 1973 Wines of Origin (WO) Varietal, VTG 75% Min. / 85% Export EU Region, “Estate” 100% Certification by WSB “Reserve” Unregulated term South South African Wine History 1925 Pinotage developed by Perold. Perold. Cross of Pinot Noir and Cinsault 1943 first commercial Pinotage made. 1973 Wine Laws to establish credibility. 1990s Quality Small estates open 1990 up. up. 2000’s continued growth of small estates Organic and Biodynamic Farming. S. AFRICAN WINE PRODUCERS PRODUCERS Hamilton Russell Kanonkop Backsburg Boschendal Porcupine Ridge Mulderbosch Buitenverwachting Thelema Glen Carlou 3 S. AFRICAN WINE IN THE NEWS! S. AFRICAN WINE GRAPES CHENIN BLANC (Steen) CHARDONNAY Sauvignon Blanc Muscat Riesling Semillon CABERNET SAUVIGNON PINOTAGE Signature SYRAH / SHIRAZ Pinot Noir Australia Australia Land mass equivalent to US Population people of only 22.3 million Australia Limited Labor Pool for vineyard work Technology embraced Machines designed and developed to do most of the vineyard maintenance Comparatively low land costs This gave Australia a low cost producer competitive advantage over California and many old world producing countries AUSTRALIA Australia Production: 11.2 million hl(2009) Total exports: 7.5 million hl Value $2.4 billion AUS Va $2 billi Total Total imports: .4 million hl 4 AUSTRALIAN WINE: ACREAGE BY STATE 2007 South Aus. Victoria New South Wales Western Aus. 181,000 95,000 108,000 32,000 Queensland 7,600 Tasmania 3,500 TOTAL AUSTRALIAN WINE #5 Worldwide / 2300+ Wineries Variety of Varieties Blends/Bins/Animals 55% Red Climate: Hot, Dry Cool Microclimates 427,000 AUSTRALIAN WINE HISTORY Late 1960s Table Wine exceeded Fortified Wines for the first time. Fortified wines (stickies) were once 70% 70% of the production. 1970s Wine Boom 1980s Exports & Quality “Fighting Varietals” AUSTRALIAN WINE HISTORY 1990’s Australia captures more market share 2006 Australia surpasses France in the US US market 60% of local in country sales are “wine boxes”. Fosters still comes in bottles and cans! AUSTRALIAN WHITE WINE PRODUCTION ‘09 1,000s of Tons Chardonnay 399 Semillon 76 Colombard 64 Sauvignon Blanc 63 Riesling 37 Other 178 Total White 817 Source:http://www.wfa.org.au/files/reports Source:http://www.wfa.org.au/files/reports /Vintage_Report_2009.pdf 5 NZ WINE HISTORY NEW ZEALAND WINE Early 1800’s Missionaires 1st Commercial Wines 1890s Phylloxera Phylloxera 1900-20 Temperance Movement 19001900s Hybrids & low quality Late 1970s Wine Boom 1980s Quality 2000’s Export Increases 1836 Newest Quality Region of the top four S.H. Smallest Smallest regions regions Cool, Wet Climate 36-45º Latitude 36- New Zealand Wine 1990 Wineries Acres Production, Millions liters. Exports, Millions of liters ’09 Value $999 million NZ 2000 NZ Wine Exports over the past 20 years have grown at nearly 24% per year ‘09 131 358 643 14,000 25,500 73,300 54 60 285 40.2 250 North Island Appellations •Northland South Island Appellations •Auckland •Waikato Bay of Plenty •Gisborne •Hawkes Bay •Martinborough Nelson – Moutere Valley – Rabbit Island – Redwood Valley Marlborough – Cloudy Bay – Awatere Valley Canterbury – Banks Peninsula – Christchurch – Waipara Otago – Gibbston Valley – Queenstown – Wanaka 6 NZ WHITE WINE GRAPES NEW ZEALAND WINE 75% White Sauvignon Blanc Best & Most 47.5% Chardonnay 12.6% Pinot Gris 4.7% 25% Red Pinot Noir 15% (increasing) Merlot 4% Wine regions Marlborough #1 Region 40,000 Acres 68% of total production NZ RED WINE GRAPES 2010 Acres planted Noir 11,733 Merlot 3,386 Cab Sauvignon 1,300 Other 3,180 _____ TOTAL RED & WHITE 79,393 Pinot 2010 Acres Sauvignon Blanc 36,664 Chardonnay 9,704 Riesling 2,306 Pinot Gris Gris 3,692 Other 7,430 __________________________ Source: NZWINE.com Winemaker note Soft in colour with green hues, this Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc shows tropical and citrus fruits along with attractive herbaceous/varietal characters on the nose. The palate is generous and fruit driven with classical Marlborough acidity giving a fresh, clean palate and passionfruit finish. Residual Sugar: 3.5g/L Alcohol: 13.5% Areas were very good Pinot Noir is produced North Island: Martinborough South Island: Marlborough Otago (most southern wine region) 7 NZ Wine Laws: Wine NZ Wine Laws: Wine Very few regulations 1975 Wine Institute of NZ (WINZ) (WINZ). No restrictions on yields. Winemakers can do what they please! Enrich, back blend, deacidify. $ Geographical Indications Act 1994 Revised in 2003 Grape Variety 75% Min. Export to EU or US 85% Regions - Work in Progress Reserve -Unregulated Australian Winemaking focus Geoff Merrill video clip High Tech Hygiene (low sulfur levels) Temperature Control Strict Quarantine rules (phylloxera limited to Victoria area) To get maximum preservation of Varietal fruit flavors and soft supple structure. TECHNICAL ANALYSIS Date: March - April 2007 pH: 3.57 Acidity: 6.13g/L Alcohol: 13.50% Residual Sugar: 0.6g/L Bottling Date: June 2008 Harvest 8 SUGGESTED FOOD A delight to match with Mediterannean lamb shanks or Mediterannean lamb shanks or olive olive pesto tossed through angel hair pasta with freshly grated Parmesan. AUSTRALIAN WINE 45% White 55% Red Best Wines: Shiraz --signature wine --signature Shiraz-Cabernet Shiraz Cabernet-Shiraz-Merlot Chardonnay Semillon-Chardonnay SemillonFlavors: Rich, Ripe, Soft AUSTRALIAN WINE LAWS What the label tells us: 85% Minimum Blends: dominant grape 1st Acidification is common Chaptalization not permitted Ch Regional: 85% Minimum 85% Vintage: 95% Reserve or Bin # Unregulated Varietal AUSTRALIA AUSTRALIAN RED WINE PRODUCTION‘09 1,000s of Tons Shiraz Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot Grenache Pinot Noir Other Subtotal Red RED & WHITE 403 248 126 15 28 68 888 1,705 AUSTRALIAN WINE REGIONS South Australia: Barossa Valley Coonawarra – best reds Padthaway – top Chardonnays Western Australia: Margaret River – top wines from independent estates 9 AUSTRALIAN WINE REGIONS South Wales: Hunter Valley (Napa like) Mudgee Murrumbidgee River Victoria: Murray River and Mildura Rutherglen Yarra Valley Tasmania –Pinot and Sparkling New 14 AUSTRALIAN WINE IN THE MARKET Wineries = 70% Production 60% 'Bladder Packs‘ Blends/Bins/Animals Bi Players: ig Fosters (Lindemans, Penfolds, Rosemount) Lindemans, Penfolds, Constellation (Hardy's, Banrock Station) (Hardy's, Pernod Ricard (Orlando, Jacobs Creek, Wyndham) Winemaker’s notes Dark center with a deep red rim. On the nose it shows dark plum, black forest fruits and chocolate. A robust and full-bodied wine, showing showing delicious velvet fruit on the palate. GLEN CARLOU Coastal Region, S. Africa Founded: 1985 Ownership: Walter & David Finlayson Production: 50,000 Cs. Acreage: 163 Brands: Tortoise Hill Grand Classique Reds Wines: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Shiraz “Port” 10 Please repack your wine kits. 11 ...
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