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Unformatted text preview: List of ECE 5670 Project Presentations Date Topic Presenters 4/26/2011 Reed Solomon Codes Yixin Cao Paul Rademacher 4/28/2011 Turbo Codes Kyu Kim Daniel Rivera 5/3/2011 LDPC Codes Tom Emmons Chris Halabi Anirvan Mukherjee 5/5/2011 LT Codes and Raptor Codes XiaoQing Fan Sina Lashgari • Presentations should be 1:15 minutes long (leaving 10 minutes for questions). • Presentations should have the right balance between “technical details” and “high‐level overviews”. • You should use slides (power point, etc) for your presentations. • Email your slides to the instructor ( before your day of presentation. • Presentations will count toward 10% of your final grade (weight of the Final exam is reduced to 30%)....
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