8-13 and 8-16 - 8-13 Business Process Management (BPM)...

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Unformatted text preview: 8-13 Business Process Management (BPM) Software is a technology tool that is used to automate the core processes that normally occur in an HR office. For example, HR departments are increasingly turning to technology to help with such diverse responsibilities as recruitment, oversight of legal and regulatory compliance, benefits administration, training, performance evaluation, and safeguarding confidential employee information (Braganoff). However, BPM software has evolved past usage in just HR departments and has now become widely used in most aspects of a business. Nowadays, BPM packages help companies collect corporate knowledge, data, and business rules into a business system to improve core business processes. Think of BPM as a combination of software tools and management practices that enable entities to accomplish business processes more efficiently (Braganoff). In essence, BPM software helps to model a companys processes and ultimately provide the platform for these processes to function, and for employees to interact. The benefits are efficiency and consistency, making for easier regulatory compliance.An important function of BPM has become Sar-Box compliance software. These software packages can be bought as standalone software that performs Sar-Box compliance tasks individually (typically called GRC Governance, Risk Compliance), or as a software package that provides Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) functionality and includes a Sar-Box compliance component (GRC) by inclusion. It is possible that the Sar-Box compliance functionality works almost seamlessly in the background within some larger ERP type programs.The market for these software packages is substantial over $1 billion (Braganoff)If I were going to choose a large (but expensive) ERP type software package or buy a standalone product in which I expected the company to grow, I would consider SAP. They are the industry leader and one of the largest in the business. I like the fact they offer so many different applications and that these programs are scalable, interoperable and can be modular. They also have functionality which they call extensions which permit outside vendor software to be connected to their technology. If I were to consider a smaller software package that focused on GRC functionality only, I would consider Paisley Enterprise GRC or Compliance360s software. SAP GRC and ERP*SAP BusinessObjects governance, risk, and compliance solutions (SAP BusinessObjects...
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8-13 and 8-16 - 8-13 Business Process Management (BPM)...

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