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Assignment 2-17 & 2-18

Assignment 2-17 & 2-18 - (b CPU central processing...

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2-17 input equipment, output equipment, CPU components, secondary storage devices, data communications related (a) CRT Screen output equipment (b) ALU CPU components (c) CD-ROM secondary storage devices (d) Keyboard input equipment (e) Modem data communications related (f) Dot-matrix printer output equipment (g) Audio speaker output equipment (h) POS device data communications related (i) MICR reader input equipment (j) Laser printer output equipment (k) Magnetic tape secondary storage devices & input equipment (l) Flash memory secondary storage devices (m) OCR reader input equipment (n) Magnetic (hard) disk secondary storage devices (o) ATM data communications related (p) Primary memory CPU components (q) ALU data communications related 2-18 (a) POS point of sale
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Unformatted text preview: (b) CPU central processing unit (c) OCR optical character recognition (d) MICR magnetic ink character recognition (e) ATM automatic teller machine (f) RAM random access memory (g) ALU arithmetic logic unit (h) MIPS millions of instructions per second (i) OS Operating System (j) MHZ Megahertz (k) Pixel picture element (l) RGB red green blue (m) CD-ROM compact disk read only memory (n) Worm write once read many (o) Modem modulator-demodulator (p) LAN local area network (q) WAN wide area network (r) ERP enterprise resource planning (s) WAP wireless application protocol (t) Wi-Fi wireless fidelity (u) ppm pages per minute (v) dpi dots per inch (w) NFC near field communication (x) RFID radio frequency identifier...
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Assignment 2-17 & 2-18 - (b CPU central processing...

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