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Informationforfacultybatch08 - Registration information for...

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Registration information for Faculty Advisors : 2007 batch B.Tech: For Fall 2008 : Students with no backlogs will do on-line registration. Those with backlogs will do manual registration. 1. B.Tech. students of Category I ( CPI 8.0 or above, no backlogs) and Category II (no backlogs) can register for honours/minor. ( See rules for strict definitions of Categories). Category III (one backlog) should preferably register for the backlog if available and no slot clash. Else can register for the honours/minor course. Students of category IV( two backlogs) should register for only the prescribed credits for the basic degree. Category V ( more than two backlogs) should preferably take one course less than the prescribed credits for the basic degree. NOTE THAT THE CATEGORY OF THE STUDENT IS SHOWN IN THE REGISTRATION FORM. (NSO/NSS/NCC and dropped courses are not backlogs.   Even if a failed course has been cleared either in the next semester or the summer term the academic standing does not change ). 2. Please refer to your department’s curriculum for the honours courses running this semester. 3. Most of the students have already registered for a MINOR course if they are in Category I, II or III( if no backlog running, see item 1 above). The allotted course as per their preference and seat availability appears in the registration form. If they have not pre-
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registered, they can now register for the minor only manually by taking an add/drop-course form from the academic office and getting the signature of the instructor AND the faculty advisor and submitting it in the academic office. Last date for this is the last date for adding courses. Many minor courses are already full (List will be made available to you by the academic office). Students can only register for those which have not been filled completely. These students can also take any other course in the Institute for which they are eligible, as part of their additional learning. Instructors’ permission is required as above. 4. Students of category I ( CPI 8.0 or above, no backlogs) can take a minor as well as an honours course. This is clearly an overload, and student should be made aware of this. Overloading may lead to poor performance and subsequent degrading of Category next semester and loosing the right for additional courses.
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Informationforfacultybatch08 - Registration information for...

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