assignment-CS135-W11 - CS 135 Winter 2011 Brad Lushman...

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Unformatted text preview: CS 135 Winter 2011 Brad Lushman Assignment: 0 Due: TBA Language level: Beginning Student Files to submit: survey.rkt , acadinteg.txt , secret.txt Warmup exercises: None Practise exercises: None For this assignment, and only this assignment, you are permitted to work with other people, though you will gain the most benefit from doing it alone. The purpose is to familiarize yourself with DrRacket, and possibly with the lab environment, as well as practice on how to submit assignments. Note: You must receive full marks for Assignment 0. We will ignore all further assignments until you do. You may submit this assignment (or indeed any other, once A0 is complete) as often as you like up to the due date. The Public Tests will tell you your mark for A0. 1. Register your clicker at: ˜ cs135/cgi-bin/clicker-form.cgi You will need to do this in order to obtain participation marks. 2. If you are planning to use the Mac labs for doing some or all of your assignments, find out from the course Web page when you are permitted to use the lab (when there isn’t another scheduled class in there), go in, and sign on. Your userid is your Quest/WatIAM userid; tutors will be in the labs during the first week of class to tell you your initial password...
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This note was uploaded on 10/02/2011 for the course CS 135 taught by Professor Vasiga during the Winter '07 term at Waterloo.

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assignment-CS135-W11 - CS 135 Winter 2011 Brad Lushman...

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