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Kimberly DeVivo February 14, 2011 Dr. A. Karpf Experiment 2 Electrostatics I ABSTRACT In this experiment we rated different types of rods with different types of material to determine which pair with produce the best reading from the electroscope. Also, we test the rods and materials with the best, the intermediate and worst results against a versorium to further prove their rating. Final, we put different types of materials/objects on the Van de Graaff generator to see what type of reaction would occur. II INTRO This experiment was to test how positive and negative charges interact with one another. This was done by using different materials with like and opposite charges on them. The different types of materials used in this lab were: rabbit fur, wool, silk, cotton, a glass rod, a celluloid rod, and an Indian rubber rod. We test these materials by transferring either a positive or negative charge to the rod by cause friction with the fabrics (rubbing). This technique is also known as triboelectric effect. This technique is possible because not all materials hold their electrons with the same strengthen and therefore some materials give up (or taken in) electrons readily. During the experiment an electroscope was use in order to rate the different materials. The electroscope works such that the deflection arm is at rest when it is in a vertical position and there is no transfer of electrons to the disk at the top. When the disk on top of the electroscope is touched with a charged rod the electrostatic charge will be sent through the metal disk to the deflection are causing it to rotate clockwise around. If the electric charge is strong then the arm will rotate more and likewise if there is no charge the arm will stay still. Coulomb’s law states the reasons why the occurs; the law states that there will be a repulsive force between the like positive charges. Another test that was performed was an induced charge test with the electroscope. This Page 1 of 6
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works by using a charged wand near the disk of the electroscope and having the negative charged rods electrons transfer to the disk on the electroscope cause the deflection arm to rotate clockwise and mentioned. A Versorium was the final test that was performed using the materials. This devise is simple a needle
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phy 2.11 - Kimberly DeVivo Partner Emily Dernbach Kerri...

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