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Kimberly DeVivo November 23, 2009 Paper 3: Capital Punishment How to Punish a Murder Is capital punishment really the best means of punishment for a murder? It was validated by the majority in the Gregg v Georgia count case of 1976 and for Immanuel Kant. Both think that a murderer should die for their actions because it is a horrible crime. The reasons behind the Majority and Kant’s decision that capital punishment the moral choice is vastly different . The Majority in the case of 1976 used a more utilitarian mind frame where as Kant used his idea of the right of retaliation. Kant’s idea of the right of retaliation provides better evidence that capital punishment is a tolerable moral decision. Troy Leon Gregg was convicted of murdering and robbing two men. His punishment for such an act was death. In Gregg v Georgia it was debated whether this type of punishment was constitutional. The Majorities opinion was that this was a constitutional punishment and supported their statement with a couple of points that reflected utilitarian thought. The first major reason the majority states that capital punishment is an acceptable punishment is that retribution is served. Retribution is sometimes confused with revenge, so the majority clarifies this by explaining both. Revenge is an act/punishment that is done through some type of emotional passion. For example, a husband kills a wife’s lover because he was angry because his wife deceived him. This is a passionate act because the anger of the husband drove him to kill the
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punishment[1] - Kimberly DeVivo Paper 3 Capital Punishment...

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