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Unformatted text preview: Kimberly Devivo Due: 11/10/10 Prof. Freeman Hemigrapsus Short Report In this experiment we want to test the salinity levels that mussels and crabs could survive. We did this by using 12 mesocosms, all having one male crab, 12 mussels of about equal size, and had four sets of three mesocosms with different salinity levels; the levels of salinity were such that three mesocosms were 36psu, three were30psu, three were 20psu, and three were 10psu. Then as a side note we set up three mesocosms with both a male and female crab, at a salinity level of 30psu, with 12 mussels of about the same size. This was to see is the effects of both the male and female crab would somehow change the experiment. After they mesocosms were setup with a bubbler and labeled we put them in the refrigerator and checked on the experiment after the weekend. When looking at the ANOVA test it can be said that the ANOVA that compared all the mesocosms was insignificant mainly because the male female mesocosms were different then the other...
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