Program Improvement Opportunities

Program Improvement Opportunities - clientele was properly...

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PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES 1 Program Improvement Opportunities Lisa Seether HSM-270 May 5, 2011 Courtney Hunt Revised Evaluation Plan
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After reviewing my empowerment and my list of essential elements of a program plan, I have decided to add two more elements to my empowerment evaluation plan. The first element to add is the measurement method. PEACE Domestic Violence Agency will measure the empowerment evaluation plan’s success by assessing how each major stakeholder in the evaluation is maintaining the empowerment evaluation principles. PEACE will make periodic assessments every 6 months to measure progress over time (Cox, 2009). The other element to add to the empowerment evaluation plan is to identify and explain the tools used to measure and document the proper statistical data. These tools would consist of an accurate roster list or attendance sheet, monthly or quarterly progress reports with regard to attendance, documentation indicating services conducted and documentation showing that the
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Unformatted text preview: clientele was properly served. PEACE would need to makes sure all records are in order and recorded on a regular basis. This would ensure accurate information and well-organized data while presenting a vivid report of the program’s successes and concerns. Developing all the right tools and equipment along with a well-coordinated program implementation distinguishes success from failure (Yuen & Terao, 2003). References PROGRAM IMPROVEMENT OPPORTUNITIES 3 Cox PJ, Keener D, Woodard T, Wandersman A.(2009). Evaluation for Improvement: A Seven-Step Empowerment Evaluation Approach for Violence Prevention Organizations . Atlanta(GA): Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; Retrieved April 29, 2011. From Yuen, F. & Terao, K. (2003). Practical grant writing & program evaluation. Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole—Thomson Learning. All electronic materials are available on your student Web site....
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Program Improvement Opportunities - clientele was properly...

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