Ch 1 Project Management Concepts

Ch 1 Project Management Concepts - Ch 1 Project Management...

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Ch 1 Project Management Concepts Ch1 Overview Definition of a project and its attributes Key constraints within which a project must be managed How a project is “born” The life of a project The steps involved in the project management process Implications of global project management The benefits of project management Attributes of a Project Project= an endeavor to accomplish a specific objective through a unique set of interrelated tasks and the effective utilization of resources Project Attributes o Well-defined Objective = an expected result or product Objective of a project is defined in terms of scope, schedule, and cost Work scope will be accomplished in a quality manner and to the customer’s satisfaction o Series of Interdependent Task = number of nonrepetitive tasks that need to be completed in a certain sequence in order to achieve the objective o Utilization of Resource Resources include people, organizations, materials, equipment, and facilities o Specific Time Frame Finite life span Deadline for the project o Unique or One-Time Endeavor One-Time Endeavor = designing and building a space station
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Unique = developing a project with specific customizations, like building a house o Customer = entity that provides the funds necessary to accomplish the project Person, organization, or partnership between two people or organizations o Degree of Uncertainty Before project is started, a plan is prepared based on certain assumptions and estimates Project based on unique set of tasks and estimates of how long each task should take, various resources and assumptions about the availability and capability of those resources, and estimates of the costs associated with the resources
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Ch 1 Project Management Concepts - Ch 1 Project Management...

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