CMLT FINAL ESSAY 1 - Devun Pahwa Final Exam Paper Section A...

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Devun Pahwa Final Exam Paper Section A Question 2 After all of the stories, novels, films and other literatures we have studied in this course the two pieces that intregued me the most were Kapitoil by Teddy Wayne and End of a Story by Reinaldo Arenas. Of all the texts and films I enjoyed Kapitoil the most and End of a Story the least. Kapitoil is pleasant novel about Karim Issar’s growth as a person after moving from Qatar to New York City for his new job at Schrub Equities. Teddy Wayne created a character that has a unique style of humor, thinking, and intellect that makes Karim a lovable character. On the other hand, End of a Story is a depressing and disturbing short story about two lover’s disagreement, as they transition from Cuba to New York. Reinaldo Arenas tells the story through one of the lovers, who expresses vast amount of hatred towards his companion for not letting go of the past and their homeland of Cuba. While both are two very strong pieces of literature in their own ways, I was only able to truly enjoy and connect to Kapitoil , while being discomforted by End of a Story . Through his clever thinking and analytical narration, Karim becomes the comedic and intelligent protagonist in Teddy Wayne’s novel. The reader is immediately introduced to Karim’s intelligence and unique humor when he asks the person next to him during his flight to New York City “an interesting math problem” about if “an airplane is a greater gas-guzzler per passenger than a car?” (Wayne, 5). Even if the person next to him does not show interest, he continues to solve the problem for him. The randomness of the question is the type of humor that the reader grows to love as the novel goes forth. The reader also gets a glimpse of Karim’s intelligence and analytic thinking process in this situation. Other instances that make Karim the delightful guy, is when he boasts his strong grammatical skills. There are many incidents where he corrects the other person’s grammar mistakes while they are conversing, and sometimes because of the environment makes the incident amusing. For example, when he goes out to the club with Jefferson and Dan, he is speaking to a woman and states “Is your tactile sense operating
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inefficiently? …You used the adverbial form of ‘I feel bad’ to express a negative emotion and said ‘I feel badly’, which means your sense of touch is performing poorly,” (Wayne, 80). This scene is funny because
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CMLT FINAL ESSAY 1 - Devun Pahwa Final Exam Paper Section A...

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